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Frequently Asked Questions?

1. Which service is most appropriate for me?

Every Person is treated as an individual and each treatment will be adapted to meet individual needs. Please feel free to contact us and discuss the most appropriate therapy for you, using the form on this page or call 07970505390.

2. What are the considerations with mobile therapy sessions

Mobile therapy sessions allow for 30minute travel and set up time prior and post session, within the allocated session time. Permission is needed from the location land owner/representative to attend.

3. Do under 18's or vulnerable persons need a guardian to attend sessions?

Yes, under 18's or vulnerable persons require a guardian to attend our therapy Sessions.

4. How can I pay for my Treatment?

You may pay for your treatment by card, BAC's or Cash, we do not accept any form of cheques.

5. Can I wear clothes for treatments?

Yes, you may. Maintaining your modesty is important to us. It would help if you wore shorts and vest or a t-shirt, but not essential.