Medical Acupuncture

“ Acupuncture reduced my pain to zero. ”

Chris D, after receiving Vurb Medical Acupuncture Treatment

Medical Acupuncture in Cornwall

Does Acupuncture Reduce Pain?

Medical Acupuncture is useful for individuals wishing to reduce pain, nausea symptoms or chronic headaches. The treatment can be used to aid physiotherapy, sports massage therapy and injury management programs.

Acupuncture is appropriate tool as past of treatment programs for individuals with pain from musculoskeletal injuries, arthritis, or other niggles. For example, back pain, knee pain, shoulder pain, wrist, foot or shin pain.

Acupuncture is not appropriate for individuals with haemophilia or those taking anticoagulants.

Our Medical Acupuncture services may be accessed in our Physiotherapy Clinic Locations in Redruth and Perranporth, or mobile across Cornwall.

How does Medical Acupuncture work?

Medical Acupuncture works by stimulating the sensory nerves and muscle fibres below the surface of the skin, with what is known as vitually 'pain free' insertion of very fine needles. This stimulation has been shown to provide affects following paths of connective tissue and nerves more widespread across the body than purely the points needled.

The stimulation from acupuncture and 'dry needling' techniques has provided reducuction in excessive electrical activity in muscles, which is associated with excessive tension in muscle. It has also shown to promote the release of endorphins or chemicals in the body that are associated with reducing pain. In addition, there has been found to be a positive affect in the way pain is intepreted by the brain stem and spinal cord, which can be useful for those expereincing chronic pain.

Medical Acupuncture locations and prices in Cornwall

Sports Massage Pricing in Redruth and Perranporth, Cornwall

Our Sports Massage pricing is relatively simple an initial Assessment or one hour appointment is £45 and  30minute appointment is £25. If you would like us to travel to you in to perform sports massage in Cornwall we can do this, no problem, but we'll need to add a travel fee to your booking.

Sports Massage Locations in Redruth and Perranporth, Cornwall

Our Sports Massage services may be accessed across Cornwall in our clinic locations of Perranporth or Redruth and surrounding areas such as Truro and Newquay, by travelling as a mobile service (please see our booking policy for mobile location bookings).